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Typhoon H multirotor

Good for small or difficult areas, can record video in 4k for later checking


  • Flight time: ~20 mins, battery can be instantly swapped and re-flown
  • Camera: Full pan/tilt
  • Video Recording: 4k video to onboard micro SD, swap and review at each landing
  • Search map integration: Limited, path can be loaded after flight
  • Safety:
    • Always under manual control.
    • Hexacopter: will continue to fly with 1 motor or propeller inoperative or damaged.
    • Automatic return to launch on loss of control signal.

Fixed Wing Aircraft

3x fixed wings, good for large areas, more accurate search planning and area coverage

  • Flight time: over 1hr, batteries can be instantly swapped and re-flown
  • Camera: Fixed downwards facing
  • Video Recording: yes
  • Object detection: yes, objects of interest appear on search map during flight
  • Search map integration: full, flies closest search from the search map, tracks progress via search map
  • Safety:
    • Redundant communication links.
    • Automatic return to launch on communications failure.
    • Automatic avoidance of our other fixed wings and any aircraft with ADS-B out.
    • Able to be controlled manually if required.

Operational area

  • Equipment and crew based in Christchurch, able to travel as required.
  • Part 102 certificate covers entire country
  • Some limitations due to airspace or other regulations


  • All aircraft: $100 per flight hour (excluding G.S.T)
  • Other direct costs: at cost
    • Memory cards or other media for transferring images or videos
    • Required permits
    • Airways fees
    • Travel costs
    • e.t.c

IMT Integration

  • We are able to provide members for ops or planning roles in IMT who have CIMS training and full knowledge of our operating ability and limitations.


Contact: Scott Parlane, Operations Manager (022 475 5014)